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Social media

There are, believe it or not, some people who never use social media, and who are very uneasy, not to say contemptuous, about the prevalence of smart phones and the addictive use of them by masses of the population. Sir Hugo Ludd, a Plugshire farmer, is one. “I do have a smart phone, because it is very useful for my wife and me to share locations when I am out and about on the farm, but if I want to speak to her, then I just wait until I’m back at home and I can talk to her face to face. I’m fed up with walking through our villages and towns and bumping into people with their heads down, not looking where they are going, more concerned with texting their friends than taking in the beauty and diversity of their surroundings. They’d rather look at a picture of the English countryside on their smart phone than look at the real thing in front of their noses.”

As for abuse of personal data, Sir Hugo went on, “It’s one thing, accepting that we all live in an online world, to understand that personal data inevitably gets into the hands of the major corporations. We can do our best to protect and preserve our privacy, but how can it be completely avoided? But it is quite another thing to deliberately and willingly post private information on social media for the whole world to see. Why would anyone want to do that?”