News and views from the heart of England - Issue 2    © David Smith 2018

I don’t understand...

What is cricket all about? It is supposed to be a game, but what on earth is going on? There is this large  field, with areas that are cut short and almost without grass. There are posts stuck in the ground, and there are 15 men dressed mostly in white clothes, milling about with no apparent purpose. Two of them have wooden bats, and wear gloves and strange flappy things on their legs. Two of the men seem older than the rest - they wear white coats and make strange signs every now and again. Everybody moves slowly from one place to another, and then they start running for no apparent reason. One of them runs towards the posts every now and again. He carries a small red ball, and hurls it towards one of the men holding a bat. Sometimes the man hits it with his bat, and then they run around again, before they stop and have a rest for a while. It’s so slow! What is going on? Why does it take so long? Does anybody understand? I just can’t get my head round it.

Well, now you can.

Look out for the handy pull-out series ‘The Plugborough Press - Guide to Cricket’, starting in the next issue. Get ready to amaze your friends with your new knowledge.