News and views from the heart of England - Issue 2    © David Smith 2018

...and finally, here is the weather forecast

Good evening. Here is the weather forecast for the whole of Britain on Sunday 13 January 2018, until noon tomorrow.

A cloudy and grey day in the north today with dense fog, and rain in places. Hail will be mixed in with occasional sleet, and there is a strong possibility of snow, even at lower levels. Winds will be strong to gale force from the north, blowing cold air straight down from the Arctic. Temperatures just above freezing, but the wind chill will make it a bitter, raw day. Skies will clear this evening, leading to a sharp overnight frost, before the clouds build up again first thing tomorrow morning.

In the south it will be dry with some bright spells of pleasant sunshine. Temperatures here will be eighteen degrees celsius – that’s the middle sixties fahrenheit -  with a light southerly breeze. It will be just a little cooler by this evening, with a chance of light rain overnight, but this rain will clear to the north by breakfast time, leaving a promise of another fine and dry day.

And now, with a look at the rest of this evening’s viewing on this channel, here is Gertrude Box-Preview.