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Professional Lipreading services

Our services are bookable by Text, Email and our online booking form.

I use footage to examine, CCTV, Film, Phones, Camcorders, Surveillance and Security recordings.

Our LipReading services is led as an expert LipReader with years of proven experience.

UK and International Services are offered in English.

If you have any footage that you would like transcribed I am more than happy to help you in any way to assist you in my LipReading methods.

Nicola Hicking expert lipreader

My latest work

Celebrity & Royal Family

LipReader Transcribes Video’s with NO audio of the Royal Family. People all over the world are obsessed with the British Royal family. Despite the daily

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Surveillance/CCTV Footage

LipReader Transcribes surveillance footage of criminal activity. LipReading the footage of Criminal Activity through Surveillance or CCTV cameras can be difficult because the speaker is

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Archived Footage/Silent Movie

LipReader Transcribes A silent movie with NO audio of “A Discoverer in Science” LipReading the footage from this full length silent movie which was also

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