Forensic LipReading

LipReading is a superpower It takes years of hard work and dedication to lipRead, but even with that, there is a branch of Lipreading which takes this to another level; Forensic LipRead


Forensic LipReading is a form of LipReading which is used to collect information or evidence.

Agencies such as the police, private detective agencies, or insurance companies can use forensic LipReading to interpret what has been said in video footage in

 order to ascertain the particular facts of a case.


Although it’s not 100% accurate, evidence from a forensic LipReader is still admissible in the UK courts.
This was due to a landmark case in 2004 (R.

 v Luttrell et al., 2004), which established the admissibility of forensic
LipReading evidence.
CCTV footage, often catching people talking about the crime, incriminating themselves and others.




  There are many things which can make a video difficult to transcribe.

  • Blurriness
  • Shakiness
  • Jumping
  • Poor quality filming
  • old time videos

CCTV footage comes in all different shapes and sizes, with modern, high-definition cameras offering a more accessible viewing,  The clearer the footage is the better it is for LipReader.

In an Ideal world the speaker would be facing the camera, standing still and speaking normally. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Many times the speaker is far away from the camera, at an angle, and often walking or just moving around

People tend mumble, or has an accent, and many people have a lisp or a slight stutter.  Wearing sunglasses or a hat/cap, there are no expressions to work with either, which is a big part of lip reading.

LipReader has the experience and up to date Artificial Intelligence needed for forensic LipReading.

Moving with the times, the internet is the perfect place for LIpReader, With modern technology put in place we offer a very fast turn around and quite often are able reduce any bad imagery that has been created  so that it becomes more readable.

A life time of experience puts LipReader at the forefront of Media, solicitors, courts, private investigators  and private clients.
Based in the UK, LipReader is a professional and confidential. We strive to keep a high confidential report.

I decipher Footage without any Audio, providing a transcript or expert witness forensic LipReading report.

Whether it’s scenes of a crime video, surveillance systems, closed circuit television systems, we can help you discover exactly what’s going on.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our forensic LipReading service, or any other specialised skills.

LipReader works closely with  Media Companies when things go wrong in sport, Usually high tensions of a game can bring on an act of racism, usually such situations are common place and high tensions between teams can become volatile resulting in players being verbally attacked.
As most games are recorded, there isn’t usually any Audio, LipReader can decipher what is being said between the offending players


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