G7 Summit 2021

LipReader enjoyed watching the high profile world leaders at the 47th G7 summit which was held in Cornwall June 2021.

Set in the beautiful Carbis Bay, standing in the midst of the hustle and bustle with the journalists from all over the world, I was able to read the lips of these world leaders.
Walking round the corner at the back of the hotel which overlooks the sea in the bay, Boris, his wife Carrie, Biden and his wife Jill walked slowly towards the plexi-glass laughing and joking amongst each other.
Boris and his wife Carrie did many greets and meets on the plank  and stage using their elbows enjoying lots of small talk and giggles.
the duchess of Cambridge Kate & First Lady Jill enjoyed a chat about their family members and how they cope with the distance.
The second day saw  the Queen & the royal family,  meet with Boris his wifeCarrie plus the rest of the world leaders at the Eden Project. I particularly enjoyed the conversation between Kate and Charles. Camilla showing her distaste having to hold her mother in laws’ scarf because she didn’t want it.
Charles firmly replied. “she doesnt want it!”

Boris and Merkel walking the plank separately, Merkel cried “wait up, wait for me!”
“Yes, yes, of course we will walk together” Boris replied.

following behind closely Trudeau asked Biden to join him that evening for a port. of which he replied “yes, lets do it”.

Do you know what is so lovely? I love the fact the my eyes are my ears. I am a people watcher, I love to watch others in conversation with each other, expressing what theyre really feeling to one another, and they are so unaware of my superpower.

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