“In-between” Where Do We Fit In?


As a growing society of Deaf who have a cochlear implants I use oral language as my first language but also identify as Deaf because without my hearing aids or Cochlear Implants I  am profoundly Deaf.

Where do I belong?

The world where I grew up is the hearing world.

I, in particular come from a hearing family,  My brother and I are literally the only ones who are Deaf.

I learned to speak, I wore hearing aids to help me hear and went to mainstream school. Literally, every aspect of my life was in the hearing world.

I had no involvement within the Deaf Society until I became an adult, I was told I could no longer wear hearing aids when I suddenly had an allergic to the latex in the moulds.

Where do we fit in?

Luckily I am able to mix within both worlds and whilst I don’t slot in comfortably in either the hearing or deaf world,  Thankfully being “in between” gives me the best of both worlds.


I still struggle, I can’t sign proficiently so it makes things a little bit awkward within the Deaf community as I don’t identify as Deaf.

In the hearing world I mishear things, I need to take things slower so that I can absorb what is being said, I suffer with concentration fatigue due to all of the background noise & crowd conversations.

“In-between ” is a growing society of deaf and hard of hearing people whilst we are Deaf we do live in a hearing world.


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