Deaf People Can Do Anything Except Hear


Bringing together Deaf people to create a community sharing sound advice.

Hi there! Welcome to The Cochlear Community (TCC)

This blog is just a space for TCC to express thoughts, rants and experiences about deafness.
A little bit about me; it was discovered i couldn’t hear by my play school key worker, I was Diagnosed profoundly Deaf at 3.5 years old and fitted with philips analogue hearing aids that i wore in a holding brace until 9 years old, an upgrade to ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids gave me so much more freedom, after recurrent ear infections and discovering i was allergic to the ear moulds i was fitted with a cochlear implant at 26 years old. this changed my life from a completely silent world to a very noisy world, I had to make adjustments to train my brain and learn to listen to the new sounds available to me.

My lifelong partner & I have 4 grown up children & two grandchildren. all are hearing I come from a hearing family and aside from my brother and I who are Deaf we both have a cochlear implant.
I love life and have many interests and hobbies – I like to try something new and experience different things. Living on the coast, I enjoy going in the sea and doing kayaking, Im going to try wild swimming this year, but it needs to be a bit warmer. Coastal walking and geocaching is another favourite of mine.i love to create and sew too. my inspirations are from the way nature and people make me feel.
LipReading is my SuperPower! whats yours?

I am a Professional/Expert LipReader and work alongside professional sectors, Lipreading footage from criminal activities to fraudulent, bullying, racism, and non vocal due to illness.

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