Lipreading Services

for a Range of Industries

What is an Expert Lipreader?

As an Expert LipReader I help our clients to access footage information with no audio. I will watch a person/persons speak and transcribe what is being said.

As an expert LipReader I cannot guarantee the Lip reading is 100% accurate but I am d/Deaf myself and use a combination of techniques and visual clues to make a professional judgment.

I can view any footage and give my professional judgement firstly if the clip is readable.

Following this, I can then estimate time and costs involved; for example it takes one hour to lipread one minute of footage. As a Forensic, expert LipReader I have trained to look at mouth and facial patterns and the shapes of the lips to determine the meaning of what is being said. Using the Body language, facial expressions and context when words look the same (homophenes, when more than one sound shares the same viseme).