News and Media – transcripts for breaking news stories

News and Media - transcripts for breaking news stories
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Transcripts for breaking news stories and headlines need fast action! Lipreader provides a fast turnaround that matches the fast pace of the news and media industry. We provide you with a transcript on the same day or even within the hour. 

Transcripts for breaking news stories and headlines

We are the preferred Lipreading service provider, resulting in regular requests to lipread by-the-minute transcripts for breaking news stories and headlines.

Our worldwide clients and journalists rely on us to respond quickly in a demanding environment to provide transcripts for breaking news stories in a face-paced industry.

With online scheduling available around the clock, LipReader ensures you can book a transcript service anytime.

Breaking News - fast turnaround for transcripts for the media industry - LipReader

We cover all areas of subjects in newspapers, magazines and news.

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LipReader supports a global network of experienced broadcasters, journalists, marketing media, freelancers, newspapers, and libraries anywhere in the world.
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Throughout the world, our clients trust us to be exceptional and dependable.

At the onset of every project, our mission is to define timed guidelines for quality and turnaround.

Unmatched solutions in transcripts! We are the preferred LipReader service provider.





We deliver exceptional quality lipreading transcripts for a variety of well-respected clients and brands.

Lipreader is the preferred brand to provide clients with the highest quality transcriptions.

Using a combination of solutions to help with the workflow, we work closely with you to get the best from the video for script preparation.

We support you through a single point of contact and work alongside you to achieve the best outcome.

We ensure a continuous level of communication throughout, from beginning to end.


Lipreader understands the importance of discretion, confidentiality, and urgency.

We implement evaluation steps to ensure you are saving time, resources, and financial commitment.

A swift appraisal is delivered within 1-2 hours.

Lipreader fully understands your high expectations for excellence, punctuality, accuracy, and speed for final transcript deliveries.

A final elaborate and timed E-transcript is delivered.