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What are they saying? Lipreader is Trooping the Colour!

What are they saying? Lipreader is Trooping the Colour!

Hands up – who has tried to guess what the royals say on the balcony? What are they saying? Lipreader is Trooping the Colour! I can tell you what they are saying!

I’m so excited to participate in Trooping the Colour this year! As a lipreader, I will add to the magic of this special event by deciphering the conversations of key figures such as King Charles III and Queen Camilla. As a lipreader, I add a very specialised angle to the event, which enhances this very British experience for all viewers across the globe.


What is Trooping the Colour?

Trooping the Colour is a magnificent ceremonial event held annually on the Horse Guards Parade in London, UK. This event continues the tradition of celebrating the Monarch’s official birthday on June 15, 2024, distinct from King Charles III’s actual birthday on November 14, 1948. This tradition allows for a public celebration during more favourable weather in June.

And we don’t mind that! It’s a lively and colourful showcase of military precision, pageantry, and British heritage. It highlights the splendour of the armed forces and the royal family, including likely appearances by King Charles III, Camilla, The Queen Consort, Duke of Cambridge, William (The Prince of Wales), his wife Catherine Middleton (The Princess of Wales), Princess Anne (Princess Royal), other senior members of the royal family, and numerous esteemed guests alongside the general public.

As Trooping the Colour approaches, anticipation builds for this spectacular event. With King Charles III set to parade, this year’s ceremony is a memorable and historic occasion. The Horse Guards Parade will be awash with Colour, precision, and grandeur, epitomising British ceremonial traditions.

The Role of Lip Readers in Trooping the Colour

What are they saying? Lipreader is Trooping the Colour! Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla on Buckingham Palace Balcony - used with permission by Lipreader.How often have you heard someone say they wonder what they just said up there? There’s no guessing with Lipreader! I use my skills to read their lips with precision. Interpreting the words of the prominent figures adds a delightful element that we would have missed out on, and I love ensuring that everyone is part of the experience.

As an expert lipreader at the Trooping the Colour event, I have the privilege of capturing all the heartwarming moments the royal family shares through their expressions. By understanding their lip movements, I can bring a deeper meaning to the scene and the visuals we are being treated to.  

I am particularly excited to watch The Royal Family as they gather on the Buckingham Palace balcony to view the tri-service flypast. I can’t wait to hear their thoughts on the grand pageantry and listen to what they share with their fans when they chat with them.


Can I attend the Trooping of the Colour?

Parade on The Mall - used with permission by LipreaderAttending this ceremony in person offers a truly unforgettable experience to all attendees, but you can imagine attending in person is very limited! However, you have a particular advantage over those who are not there in person! My lipreading analysis will be relayed live to our media partners, who will incorporate my transcripts into their live broadcasts. You will get to know what is going on as it happens! They will bring the event’s magic to you through live broadcasts on TV, YouTube, and other platforms. You will not miss out if you cannot make it there in person. You will benefit from my work as you relax in comfortable surroundings while watching the broadcast. Cheers!

You didn’t think you needed a lipreader. Think again!  

Lipreading isn’t just for the deaf and hard of hearing! My expertise as a Lipreading specialist lies in capturing hidden silent gems, offering unique perspectives beyond what subtitles and explanations can provide.

I hope you have enjoyed my skill in bringing the event to life and adding depth to the viewer’s experience.


I wish you a lovely day in Trooping the Colour! Watch this space!